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Microchip - PIC32MK Family

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Microchip’s PIC32MK family is packed with analog peripherals, dual USB capabilities and support for up to four CAN 2.0 ports.  The new PIC32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers optimised for motor control and general purpose applications.

The PIC32MK family features four highly-integrated MCUs for precision dual Motor Control applications (PIC32MK MC) and eight MCUs packed with serial communication modules for General Purpose (PIC32MK GP) applications. All MC and GP devices feature a 120 MHz 32-bit core that supports Digital Signal Processor (DSP) instructions. Additionally, to ease control algorithm development, a double-precision floating point unit is integrated into the MCU core enabling customers to utilise floating-point based modeling and simulation tools for code development. 


  • The high-performance PIC32MK MC devices combine 32-bit processing with advanced analog peripherals such as a quad 10 MHz op-amp, high-speed comparators and motor-control optimised Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) modules.
  • The devices also have Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) modules capable of total throughput of 25.45 Mega-Samples Per Second (MSPS) in 12-bit mode or 33.79 MSPS in 8-bit mode enabling higher precision in motor control applications.
  • The devices come with up to 1 MB Live Update Flash, 4KB of EEPROM and 256 KB SRAM.


  • Motor control
  • Industrial
  • General purpose applications

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Microchip Technology PIC32MK Family



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