IDT Position Sensors - Contactless Linear, Rotary, and Angular / Arc

IDT's contactless position sensor solutions are magnet-free, significantly reducing materials costs while providing immunity to magnetic stray fields – a mandatory requirement for many applications, particularly in automotive. Instead of magnets, the inductive position sensors interface with low-cost PCB-based coils and simple metallic targets, providing single-chip design flexibility for rotary end-of shaft (on-axis) sensors, rotary side shaft (off-axis) sensors, linear position sensors, and arc position sensors; from small angles up to full 360° absolute angle sensing.


  • No magnets required; reduces system cost
  • Wide operating temperature range for harsh environments
  • Ultra-thin position sensors design options (~2mm)
  • High accuracy in all applications (angle, linear, and rotary)


  • A wide range of automotive
  • Industrial
  • Consumer

Key components

  • ZMID5201
  • ZMID5202
  • ZMID5203

Product benefits

  • Stray field immunity and ISO 11452-8 compliance
  • Tolerance to mechanical misalignment
  • Single IC for on-axis and off-axis sensor designs
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 automotive qualification
  • Full resolution for every angle range



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