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Texas Instruments - BQ25121A

The BQ25121A is a highly integrated battery charge management IC that integrates the most common functions for wearable devices: Linear charger, regulated output, load switch, manual reset with timer, and battery voltage monitor. The integrated buck converter is a high efficiency, low IQ switcher using DCS-Control™ that extends light load efficiency down to 10-µA load currents. The low quiescent current during operation and shutdown enables maximum battery life. The device supports charge currents from 5 mA to 300 mA. The input current limit, charge current, buck converter output voltage, LDO output voltage, and other parameters are programmable through the I2C interface


  • Increases system operation time between charges. Low capacitance for high-speed canbus
  • Highly integrated solution with small footprint.
  • I2c communication control.


  • Smart watches and other wearable devices
  • Fitness accessories entertainment applications
  • Health monitoring medical accessories
  • Rechargeable toys

Block diagram

Texas Instruments BQ25121A



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