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Maxim Intergrated MAX17201

The MAX1720x/MAX1721x are ultra-low power stand-alone fuel gauge ICs that implement the Maxim ModelGauge™ m5 algorithm without requiring host interaction for configuration. This feature makes the MAX1720x/MAX1721x excellent pack-side fuel gauges. The MAX17201/MAX17211 monitor a single cell pack. The MAX17205/MAX17215 monitor and balance a 2S or 3S pack or monitor a multiple-series cell pack.
To prevent battery pack cloning, the ICs integrate SHA-256 authentication with a 160-bit secret key. Each IC incorporates a unique 64-bit ID.
The ModelGauge™ m5 algorithm combines the short-term accuracy and linearity of a coulomb counter with the long-term stability of a voltage-based fuel gauge, along with temperature compensation to provide industry-leading fuel gauge accuracy. The IC automatically compensates for cell aging, temperature, and discharge rate, and provides accurate state of charge (SOC) in milliampere-hours (mAh) or percentage (%) over a wide range of operating conditions. As the battery approaches the critical region near empty, the ModelGauge m5 algorithm invokes a special error correction mechanism that eliminates any error. The ICs provide accurate estimation of time-to-empty and time-to-full, Cycle+™ age forecast, and three methods for reporting the age of the battery: reduction in capacity, increase in battery resistance, and cycle odometer.


  • Modelgauge m5 algorithm
    • Eliminates error when approaching empty voltage
    • Eliminates coulomb-counter drift
    • Current, temperature, and age compensated
    • Does not require Empty, Full, or Idle states
    • No characterization required for EZ performance (see the ModelGauge m5 EZ performance section)
    • Cycle+ age forecasting observes lifespan
  • Nonvolatile memory for stand-alone operation
    • Learned parameters and history logging
    • Up to 75 words available for user data
  • Precision measurement system
    • No calibration required
  • Time-to-empty and time-to-full estimation
  • Temperature measurement
    • Die temperature
    • Up to two external thermistors
  • Multiple series cell pack operation
  • Low quiescent current
    • Max172x1: 18µa active, 9µa hibernate
    • Max172x5: 25µa active, 12µa hibernate
  • Alert indicator for voltage, soc, temperature, current, and 1% soc change
  • High-speed overcurrent comparators
  • Predicts remaining capacity under theoretical load
  • Sha-256 authentication
  • Maxim 1-wire or 2-wire (i2c) interface
  • Sbs 1.1 compatible register set
  • Digital still and video cameras
  • E-readers
  • Handheld computers and terminals
  • Handheld radios
  • Portable game players
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Smartphones and tablets


  • Measure VOC in offices, light industrial settings, schools and hospitals
  • Measure efficacy of filtration/purification systems
  • Control ventilation systems based on real-time air quality
  • PPM range leak measurement of hydrogen, methane, propane, LPG, natural gas and other flammable gases
  • Measure hydrogen leaks to test seals and product integrity

Product Benefits

  • Reliable gas detection
  • High sensitivity to a wide range of gases
  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal response to relative humidity (RH)
  • Over a decade of gas sensing experience


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Maxim Intergrated MAX17201


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