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IDT - High-Performance Gas Sensor Module

Our industry-leading sensors are based upon a highly reliable ceramic substrate, coupled with advanced nanostructured materials tailored for individual applications. The SGAS family of gas sensors are capable of accurately detecting a range of gases, including hydrogen, flammable gases (methane, propane, natural gas) and volatile organic compounds (includes TVOC, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and more).

IDT offers innovative, high performance gas sensors for indoor air quality (IAQ) and industrial leak detection. IDT’s gas sensors are capable of accurate detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), hydrogen and other flammable gases, and leverage advanced sensing materials with more than 12 years of proven stability and reliability.

IDT provides two gas sensor platforms to fit your needs: the ZMOD and SGAS. The ZMOD platform is an integrated digital gas sensor ideal for high volume consumer and industrial IAQ applications, while the analog SGAS family is best suited for industrial control and leak detection applications.


  • Non-specific response
  • Response time < 30 seconds
  • Reduced frequency of calibrations
  • Reduced maintenance and overall system
  • TVOC < 1 to 1000 ppm (SGAS707)


  • Measure VOC in offices, light industrial settings, schools and hospitals
  • Measure efficacy of filtration/purification systems
  • Control ventilation systems based on real-time air quality
  • PPM range leak measurement of hydrogen, methane, propane, LPG, natural gas and other flammable gases
  • Measure hydrogen leaks to test seals and product integrity

Product Benefits

  • Reliable gas detection
  • High sensitivity to a wide range of gases
  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal response to relative humidity (RH)
  • Over a decade of gas sensing experience
IDT High-Performance Gas Sensor Module



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