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Bluetooth® low energy microcontrollers for smart connectivity, with the lowest level of current consumption in the industry. Compact module with built-in 32 MHz crystal resonator for RF chip and antenna (already certified) is also available.

Renesas Electronics can offer solutions corresponding to Bluetooth® low energy technology.

Key features

  1. Low power consumption -> prolongs battery life
    • RF transmission current : 4.3mA RF reception current : 3.5mA (Use DCDC)
    • RF transmission current : 7.4mA RF reception current : 6.2mA (NOT Use DCDC)
  2. High integration -> reduces external components, BOM costs
    • Built-in DC-DC Converter Switching circuit and RF Balun circuit
    • External 32KHz sub-clock can be omited
  3. Adaptable RF technology -> increases power efficiency
    • The RF characteristics and current consumption are optimized according to the radio condition.

Target applications

  • Healthcare
  • Smart Home
  • Beacon
  • Consumer
  • IoT


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