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STMicroelectronics - STWBC/STWBC-EP

The STWBC/STWBC-EP is a wireless power transmitter controller that integrates all required functions for WPC “Qi” compliant wireless power transmitter design.

The power transmitter unit is responsible for controlling the transmitting coil and generating the correct amount of power requested by the receiver unit. The receiver unit continuously feedbacks to the transmitter the correct power level requested by modulating the transmitter carrier by means of a controlled resistive of capacitive insertion. Generating the correct amount of power guarantees the highest level of end-to-end efficiency due to reduced energy waste. Also, it helps maintaining a lower operational temperature.

For STWBC-EP 15W case, before power transmition,STWBC-EP detect the input volatege if only 5V,STWBC-EP will advise Rx the transmition power 5Wmax,if input volatege support 12V,advise 15Wmax,but if Rx terminal only receive 5Wmax, the transmission base on 5W.

Key features

  • Fixed frequency, transfer efficiency upto 80%
  • Integrated digital demodulation on chip,
  • Q-factor measurement & Foreign Object Detection (FOD);
  • 32kBFlash,6kBRAM,1kB E2PROM, Supports I2C, UART interfaces,two layer PCB
  • Parametric customization via GUI
  • WPC Qi 1.2.3 certified(STWBC-EP); Qi 1.1.2 LP A11 certified(STWBC)

Target applications

  • Industrial/Consumer Extended Power Profile Power Transmitter
  • Power Bank (WPC compliant or customer properties)


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