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Renesas - RAA458100GNP / RAA457100GBM

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In Renesas Wireless Charging (WiQ) Solution, RAA458100 is Transmitter IC for low power application and RAA457100 is a Receiver IC for low power application. 

During wireless charging process, RAA458100 performs wireless power transmitting to Receiver IC, whereas RAA457100 performs battery charging by wireless transmission power and DC power supply to receiver application system from battery. 

A Wireless Charging system with bi-directional communication can be constructed by using Renesas WiQ Transmitter IC and Receiver IC.

By adopting Renesas WiQ, customer is able to realize the development of wireless charging system in low power application.

Key features

  1. Li-ion Battery Charging by Wireless Charging
    * via Renesas proprietary standard
  2. Power Supply availability from integrated High Efficiency DCDC Converter
    * DCDC Converter efficiency of 80% @1mA
  3. Built-in Safety & Protection Features
    * Battery Voltage, Rectification Voltage, Current, and Temperature monitoring by 12 bit ADC
  4. Compact Design Features (All-in-One Chip Solution)
    * Renesas Rx-IC integrates Battery Protection & DCDC Converter
  5. Compatible with various Low Power application
    * Three operation modes: ATPC mode, MCU control mode & Stand Alone mode
  6. Allows Fast Charging without Over-charging risk and suitable for Li-ion battery.
    * Supports CC-CV (Constant Current-Constant Voltage) Charging Methodology

Target applications

  • Hearing aids
  • Activity monitors
  • Wearable (smart band & health tracker)
  • Hearable (head phone sets)


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