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Time of Flight IC (Detect Objects Up to 5 Meters

The ISL29501 is an innovative time-of-flight (ToF) signal processing IC that provides a complete object detection and distance measurement solution when combined with an external emitter (LED or laser) and photodiode. The ISL29501 ToF device offers one-of-a-kind functionality, including ultra-small size, low power consumption and superior performance ideal for connected devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as consumer mobiles devices and the emerging commercial drone market.

The key benefits of this product include:

  • An on-chip Digital Signal Processor (DSP) calculates the time of flight, which is proportional to the target distance.
  • The ISL29501 is equipped with an I2C interface for configuration and control.
  • Cost and Effective Solution for distance Measurement


  • Enables proximity detection and distance measurement
  • Modulation frequency of 4.5MHz
  • Emitter DAC with programmable current up to 255mA
  • Operates in continuous and single shot mode
  • On-chip active ambient light rejection
  • Auto gain control mechanism
  • Interrupt controller
  • Low profile 24 Ld 4x5 TQFN package

Target applications

  • Mobile consumer applications
  • Industrial proximity sensing
  • Power management)
  • Home automation




Renesas Time of Flight IC (Detect Objects Up to 5 Meters)


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