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Digital high performance microphone

The popularity of automatic speech recognition systems and the use of video content to share information and experiences is increasing dramatically. The performance and quality of the microphones used to capture sound must be high to ensure great user experiences. Critical factors include noise, distortion, frequency response and component matching.

IM69D130 is a high dynamic range, matched and low latency PDM output digital MEMS microphone. Infineon's proven dual back plate MEMS technology achieves an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of 69dB(A) in combination with an acoustic overload point of 130dBSPL. Additionally the unique capability of sensing a fully differential signal results in an ultra-low total harmonic distortion level of 1% up to a sound pressure level of 128dBSPL.

The digital ASIC is equipped with an ultra low noise preamplifier and a highest performance sigma delta ADC. For best energy efficiency several power optimized modes are implemented which can be selected by switching the clock frequency. To support highest system precision the group delay is minimized to 6μs at1kHz. Infineon’s high performance microphones are sensitivity (± 1dB) and phase (± 2°) matched to support even tightest beamforming requirements.



  • Dynamic range of 105dB
    • Signal to noise ratio of 69dB SNR
    • <1% total harmonic distortions up to 128dBSPL
    • Acoustic overload point at 130dBSPL
  • Sensitivity (± 1dB) and phase (± 2° @1kHz) matched
  • Flat frequency response with low frequency roll off at 28Hz
  • Very fast analog to digital conversion speed (6μs latency @1kHz
  • Power optimized modes determined by PDM clock frequency
  • Package dimensions: 4.00mm x 3.00mm x 1.20mm
  • PDM output
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern

Target applications

  • Devices with Voice User Interface (VUI)
    -TV, laptop and set top boxes, Smart appliances, Smart home devices, Digital home assistants
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones and earphones
  • Conference systems
  • Security systems
  • Predictive maintenance system with audio pattern detection


Infineon Digital high performance microphone

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