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Microchip offers industry’s most reliable and robust clock and oscillator products for all automotive applications.

The DSCA family of MEMS-based oscillators and clock generators are AEC-Q100 qualified and provide tight frequency stability over wide temperature range up to -55 to 125°C. They are 500x more resistant to shock, and 5x more resistant to vibration compared to the quartz equivalent products, making Microchip oscillators a perfect match for mission critical automotive applications.

The DSCA2xxx and DSCA400 MEMS clock generators can consolidate multiple crystals and oscillators into a single chip, which saves board space and reduces BOM cost.

Key Features Target Applications Key Components
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified
  • Stability:
    +/-25ppm over -55 to +125°C;
    +/-10ppm over -40 to 105°C
  • Frequency Range: 2kHz to 460MHz
  • Reliability: 50,000g shock and 70g vibration resistance
  • Flexibility: programmable drive strength for EMI reduction
  • Integration: update to 4 outputs/frequencies
  • Long Range Radar
  • Vision System
  • Front/Rear and Surround view cameras
  • DSC1001
    (1.8V-3.3V Low-Power Precision CMOS Oscillators)
  • DSC2311
    (Crystal-less™ Configurable Two-Output Clock Generator)
  • DSC6000 Family
    (Ultra-Low-Power and Ultra-Small MEMS Oscillators)


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Microchip Automotive Timing Solutions


Microchip Automotive Timing Solutions


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