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ON Semiconductor USB Type-C Portfolio sets the convenience and simplicity standard for users, designers and manufacturers. The portfolio is optimized for cost, footprint and low-power use with a complete collection of discrete, flexible USB Type-C solutions from controllers to power switches and SuperSpeed switches. Power consumption is 1/10 of the nearest competitive solution and packages are up to 43% smaller.

Now available, I2C configurable ON Semiconductor NCP81239 4-Switch Buck Boost Controller, optimized for converting battery voltage or adapter voltage into power supply rails. Typical applications include notebook, tablet, and desktop systems and other consumer devices using USB PD standard and C−Type cables.


  • Ultralow-power consumption in standby mode
  • Flexible to accommodate standard changes
  • DFP, UFP, DRP role support
  • Active cable detection and power support
  • Small WLCSP and MLP packages, ie. 1.2x1.2x0.4mm
  • Thin USB Power Delivery interface for charging and vendor-defined messages
  • Audio and Debug Accessory Detection


Target applications

  • All type C products


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ON Semiconductor USB Type-C/PD System Solutions


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