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NXP Type-C Smart Charging Adapter Solutions

NXP is focusing on complete Wall-to-Battery USB Type-C charging solutions. They have extensive portfolio for smartphone, tablets & notebooks available. Now the portfolio is also complemented by Type-C smart charging ACDC adapter solutions. 

NXP Type-C wall charger utilizes these latest solutions to enable USB Power Delivery PD 2.0 up to 5 A and 20 V. This allows USB connections to complement data exchange with high power charging capabilities.

The current solutions support USB-PD, BC1.2 and QC2.0, 3.0 & 4.0. NXP is also adding supports for SCP direct charging protocol, Qualcomm QC4.0 universal high voltage & direct charging protocol and other proprietary protocols.


  • Ease of design
    NXP provides total wall to battery solution with complete reference designs and local support
  • Best-in-Class power density
    Meeting all DOE & EU-CoC Tier2 energy efficiency requirements (>91% @ 12V/2.1A or 5V/5A) & <30mW no-load
  • Flexibility
    Multi-protocol support for USB-PD, QuickCharge, direct charging & other customized protocols and main functionality configurable by ODM – less inventory
  • Low BOM cost
    Low external component count due to high digital integration and support of low cost NMOS port switch & small wave soldering packages
  • Best-in-Class safety protecting phone & battery
    Widest set of hardware integrated protections covering up to 20 failure use cases
  • Security
    Interface for authentication chip allowing own eco-system specific accessories and preventing use of unsafe chargers


Key Components

  • TEA1936x primary side
  • TEA199x SynRec secondary side and
  • TEA1903 USB-PD
  • TEA1905 USB-PD & QuickCharge
  • TEA1901 SCP secondary side


Key Benefits

  • Higher efficiency (>91% for 12V/2.3A) and smaller form factor
  • Multi-protocol support and flexibility by programmability of key system parameters
  • Low external component count and low BOM cost due to high integration & support of NMOS port switch
  • Higher system safety due to wide set of hardware integrated protections
  • Low EMI due to high-side operation capability of TEA199x SyncRec IC
  • Flexibility as functionality & protections configurable so less Stock Keeping Units


NXP Type-C Smart Charging Adapter Solutions


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