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Main Title - 201708 Infineon ESD protection diodes

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Infineon - ESD protection diodes family

Infineon expands its TVS Portfolio to offer best-in-class protection performance with high level of quality & robustness in super-small packages at extremely competitive price. Available in both 01005 and 0201 EIA-equivalent packages, these TVS diodes offer lowest clamping voltage combined with low parasitic capacitance for multi-purpose as well as for low capacitance series.

The products can be widely used in application such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Wearable devices & accessories
  • Tablet & laptop computers
  • Modules & embedded
Infineon ESD protection diodes family



  • ESD absorption capability of up to ±30 kV
    (exceeds IEC 61000-4-2 standard)
  • Surge absorption capability of up to ±12 A (IEC 61000-4-5 standard)
  • Ultra-low dynamic resistance
  • Safe and stable clamping voltage
  • Fast response times below 1 ns
  • For signal voltage levels of ±3.3 V, ±5.5 V, ±8 V, ±18 V, ±22 V
  • Low capacitance series for optimal high speed signal integrity
  • Ultra-low leakage current for longer battery duration
  • Small package size down to 0.43 x 0.23 mm for optimal space saving on the PCB
  • Ultra-low profile of up to 0.15 mm height for both 01005 and 0201 packages



  • Miniaturization, performance, costs
  • Highly ESD sensitive ICs protection
  • High-speed signal integrity
  • RF antenna signal linearity
  • Energy saving & longer battery life


Competitive advantage

  • Size (thinner than competition, 0,15mm vs 0,3 ca) low profile
  • Production capacity and buffer stock
  • Pricing, performance


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Application example: audio interface

Infineon ESD protection diodes family block diagram


Product overview

Infineon ESD protection diodes family product overview


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