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Top recommended kits

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MAX32625/MAX32626 evaluation kit

The MAX32625/MAX32626 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a convenient platform for evaluating the capabilities of the MAX32625/MAX32626.

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MAXREFDES143# IoT reference design

The MAXREFDES143# is an Internet of Things (IoT) embedded security reference design, built to protect an industrial sensing node by means of authentication and notification to a web server.

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MAXREFDES73# GSR reference design

The MAXREFDES73# reference design is a wearable, mobile galvanic skin response (GSR) system featuring the MAX32600 wellness measurement microcontroller.


MAXREFDES61# analog input module

The MAXREFDES61# features a 16-bit high-accuracy four-channel analog input with isolated power and data.


MAXREFDES60# 1-channel AO module

The MAXREFDES60# design integrates a low-noise, fast-settling buffer (MAX9632); a 16-bit, low-power DAC (MAX5216); an ultra-high precision 4.096V voltage reference.

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MAXREFDES82# smart force sensor

Maxim’s MAXREFDES82# features a next generation industrial, smart force sensor.

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MAXREFDES150# development platform

Pocket IO is the brand name for MAXREFDES150#. MAXREFDES150# consists of three different boards.

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Communities support


Discover the engineering community where you can access peers and experts, a wide range of independent technical information and popular technical blogs, as well as videos and webinars that provide information on the latest in electronics trends.


Build your portfolio, share and contribute to projects, and discover platforms and resources in the community dedicated to helping users globally learn how to design, create and program Internet-connected hardware.