Software tools bring your hardware to life

You’ve seen how software has been become more critical as a way to showcase your innovation and your vision. At the same time, developing software has become more complex as interoperability, connectivity and security are incorporated into your design. Our mission is to make all of this easier for you by providing software tool chains that align with your hardware. We also share our expertise to guide you through the steps in developing your code.

At Avnet, when it comes to designing a product, we think about the overall system just like you. We’ve found this approach has helped our customers quickly reach their goals.

All the links in the software tool chain

kits-and-tools-software.pngWhen we discuss your specific design requirements, our technical experts will also cover software development. We’ll want to understand if your team has experience writing code for the processor or programmable logic device you’re considering. We know it’s important to take into account any time needed for learning new tools as part of the overall project.

Once we learn where your team is at around creating software, we’ll show you different integrated development environments (IDE) and software development kits (SDK) that match your requirements. After explaining the pros and cons of each as it relates to your application, we’ll guide you to the right choice. Our recommendations are unbiased and come from our hands on experience working with these tools and tool vendors.

Avnet brings you the best selection of IDEs and SDKs from the leading tool vendors and semiconductor technology providers whose software tools complement the unique components in their offering. We support all of the major programming languages and operating systems, including mobile, for both the executable code driving your application and the middleware and application layer that rounds out your design.

Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll make it easy for you to get going by walking you through the licensing or subscription process. Our team has the expertise to make sure you’re aren’t slowed down by administrative issues. Quite often we’re able to get you a free trial evaluation, typically with the full production tool set, for a period of time so you can test the tools before committing.


Strengthening the chain with development kits

To really accelerate your design, Avnet has put together development kits that include the associated software tools you’ll need. We’ve validated the tools on our hardware so you can get right to code development which you’ll find to be a huge time saver. Our field engineering team is well versed in all of our tools and will support your team as they put these fully integrated development platforms into action.

Our experience shows that when we save you time moving up your learning curve around adopting new tools, your product gets to market faster. Our technical workshops, hosted local to you, are a proven method for putting this into practice.

Our workshop agenda includes detailed lectures around specific design topics and then hands on labs using the hardware and software to practice what you’ve learned. These workshops are delivered by the team that’s created the tools and our local engineering resources who’ll be supporting you after the workshop is over.

Once you’ve completed your design, we’ll support you through the supply and build stages with tailored supply-chain solutions and services for programming, testing and certifying your product. We won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to seeing you get to market successfully.

Software is often the key differentiator in your application and Avnet has the tools and experience to set you apart in the market.  Our local engineering experts are ready to meet with you today or if you prefer, complete this form and we'll connect with you right away.


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Navigating through the layers of the software stack to make this happen requires a partner that understands all software components.

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Support for building innovation based upon your vision.


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PicoZed™ SDR development kit

The PicoZed™ SDR Development Kit bundles everything required to start your software-defined radio (SDR) design.