Designing with the entire system in mind

When you’re designing a new product or solution, the best way to see how your system will perform is by using a tool that integrates all of your key features. You can see how each function interacts with the others and make adjustments to fine tune your code and application. Avnet brings this together for you with the development platforms we’ve created. We’ve created flexible, interoperable building blocks so you can develop your application in an environment aligned to your overall product strategy.

Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to design by providing you with a robust set of tools, design support from experienced engineers and technical training to get up your learning curve faster.

Platforms designed around the markets you serve

Having to use general purpose tools for market specific applications is less than an ideal for creating your product. You wind up making compromises as you do your best to create without all of the components you desire. When you work with our platforms, you never have to compromise. We understand the markets you serve and our platforms have all of the functional elements you’d want to consider.

We make this happen through a combination of what we include on the main system board and selecting from a range of interoperable modules to complete the platform. Our platforms cover the latest releases of the major processor architectures and our modules address:

  • Sensors
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Memory
  • CMOS Image Sensor Cameras
  • Analog and RF Signal Chains
  • Cloud Connectors (API)

Our platforms include popular interface options such as Ethernet, USB and HDMI. We also provide a significant number of general purpose I/O’s for you to customize your design.

You’ll appreciate seeing how this comes together in our Embedded Vision, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Software Defined Radio (SDR) and other market solution platforms.

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Kits featuring your core components

When you want to create your code and quickly move to building your product, you’ll appreciate the System-on-Modules (SoM) offering created by Avnet. These full feature SoM products are available with the latest processor and programmable System-on-Chip (SoC) devices. We also make it easy for you with our matching carrier boards so you can evaluate a variety of interface and I/O combinations in the design and test process.

Many of our SoMs include wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth™\BLE, Wi-Fi™ and cellular. You’ll find this really helps when you’re developing an edge appliance for IIoT or IoT. Our field applications engineers will assist you with completing your system design by integrating sensor data on the front end and connecting to an IoT gateway or the cloud.

We also have reference designs and Intellectual Property (IP) created by our partner ecosystem to help you complete your development faster. When you’re ready to build your product, using our programming services streamlines the process for you and saves you time, effort and the need to invest in capital equipment for SoM programming.

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Evaluation and development boards for any device

You may have a specific controller, processor or programmable logic device in mind for your design. Avnet has evaluation and development kits to match:


These kits are produced by the suppliers who manufacture the device to help you through the design process. Our factory trained and certified technical experts will help you work with these kits for product selection, code development and testing.

Avnet will guide you through the design process. Our development platforms, SoM based kits and development boards get you through it efficiently. Talk to your local Avnet technical expert and see firsthand the support we provide. You can also compete this form and we’ll reach out to you right away.