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As our systems get smarter and more aware, the applications for robotics continue to grow. These robots and assistants will transform many aspects of our lives, from industry to medical care to transportation. At the heart of the robot are the motors and actuators which allow it to move and interact with us and our world.

From factories to the home, ON Semiconductor has the motor drive solutions needed for efficient, compact, and reliable robotic systems. Our industry leading MOSFETs, IGBTs, gate drivers, and power modules provide the building blocks for high power motor drive, while our motor driver portfolio supports a variety of motors including brushed, brushless, and steppers.

Products Descriptions
MOSFETs Power MOSFETs, including N-channel, P-channel, and complementary MOSFETs for power conversion and switching circuits.
IGBTs Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for electronic ignition, flash, motor drive, and other high current switching applications.
MOSFET/IGBT Drivers MOSFET drivers and IGBT drivers for low side, high side, and half-bridge drive circuits.
IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drivers, Optocouplers Optoelectronic IGBT/MOSFET Gate Drivers utilizing Optoplanar® coplanar packaging technology and optimized IC design to achieve high insulation voltage and high noise immunity, characterized by high common mode rejection. These devices offer a 1,414 V peak working voltage to permit the device to directly drive medium power IGBTs. The use of P-channel MOSFETs at output stage enable lower dynamic power consumption per cycle during switching that current solutions.
High Performance Optocouplers

ON Semiconductor's 3.3V/5V high-speed logic gate optocouplers support isolated communications between systems without conducting ground loops or hazardous voltages. Each high-speed optocoupler utilizes ON Semiconductor’s patented coplanar packaging technology, Optoplanar® and optimized design. This achieves excellent noise immunity, characterized by high common mode transient immunity and power supply rejection specifications, and allows these devices to operate in noisy industrial environments (100% better than our closest competitors).

By combining the reliable isolation, high integration of 2 optocoupler channels in bi-directional configuration, the newly released FOD8012 allows system engineers to design a robust system, with low transmission error rate and low system failure rate. This solution provides a proven reliability over extended periods of time required for industrial systems, at a low cost of design and component.

Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) Inverter IPMs, Compact IPMs, 2-in-1 PFC IPMs.
Motor Drivers & Load Drivers Brushed, brushless, and stepper motor drivers and controllers; MOSFET & IGBT drivers; MOSFETs with integrated drivers; load and relay drivers.

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