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Thermostat with color touchscreen and cloud connection

Cloud connectivity and voice recognition

In home appliances, the thermostat is used for central control. In traditional thermostats, the mechanical thermostat is being replaced by the segment-LCD screen, but the control keys are still essentially mechanical.

This thermostat design enables users to connect to the cloud and increase to a larger size color screen for ease of use and a better Human Machine Interface (HMI). The Synergy S5D9 MCU supports cloud connectivity as well as LCD control. The RX231 MCU voice recognition reference design enables customers to quickly evaluate and implement voice control. The ISL32704E supports a fully isolated ESD RS-485 interface which adds robustness in the electronically noisy environment that exists in modern homes. The HS300x provides high accuracy and excellent stability for measuring humidity and temperature.

Key features:

  • Voice recognition reference design
  • Easy cloud connection
  • High performance Arm® Cortex® MCU S5D9 with built-in TFT-LCDC, capacitive touch with qualified SSP
  • Fully-isolated robust RS-485 interface
smart home panel

Recommended products

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S5D9 Arm® Cortex®-M4 core, high performance, rich communication and HMI features Datasheet
Buck Regulator    
ISL854102 Wide VIN 1.2A Synchronous Buck Regulator Datasheet
ISL80510 Single-output, high performance 5V/1A regulator Datasheet
ISL32704E RS-485 transceiver with high drive capability and robust ESD Datasheet
HS3001 Relative humidity sensor IC Datasheet


Block diagram

thermostat diagram

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