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Smart grid fault indicator unit

Fault current indicator with Bluetooth® communication

This grid fault current indicator is an example of a low power design system that shows customers the most efficient approach for system implementation.

The fault indicator unit uses Renesas’ newly launched high-performance RA2 MCU series, which includes a 16-bit SAR ADC, 24-bit sigma-delta ADC, COMP, system control, touch control, super low power, etc. In the data collection unit, the RL78/G13 is a standard function MCU with low power and an abundant lineup for general purpose applications. Bluetooth® is used for communication between the two boards. Combined with Renesas’ high performance power and analog solutions, this system can minimize idle quiescent current. This helps save power consumption during standby states.

System Benefits:

  • Low quiescent power MCU solutions for optimized efficiency
  • High performance analog devices for accurate system monitoring
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Recommended products

Products Description Documents
RA2A1 48MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with integration of a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC Datasheet
RL78/G13 Low power, high integration general-purpose microcontrollers Datasheet
Voltage Reference    
ISL60002 Precision low power FGA™ voltage reference Datasheet
LED Driver    
ISL97634 White LED driver with PWM dimming Datasheet
Op Amp    
ISL28134 5V ultra-low noise, zero drift rail-to-rail precision op amp Datasheet

Buck-Boost Regulator

ISL85403 2.5A regulator with integrated high-side MOSFET for synchronous buck or boost buck converter Datasheet

Boost Converter

ISL9113 Low input voltage and high efficiency synchronous boost converter with 1.3A switch Datasheet

Buck Converter

ISL80031 3A synchronous buck converter in 2x2 DFN package Datasheet

Voltage Supervisor

ISL88011 5 Ld voltage supervisor with adjustable Power-On reset and Active-High reset Datasheet

Battery Charger

ISL6294 High input voltage charger Datasheet


System block diagram


block diagram
block diagram

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