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Point-of-sale printer controller

Printer solution with advanced capabilities

With the rising trend of miniaturizing printers, the use of BLDC motors with intelligent system applications - including intelligent detection, cloud connectivity and a richer human-machine interface - will become a core value for system designs. Renesas’ mini printer solution integrates these required features for customers and enables dual BLDC control, a rich human-machine interface, and secure cloud connectivity. In addition, the entire solution demonstrates lower power consumption and higher stability by using Renesas' high-performance power supply and analog devices.

System benefits:

  • The RA6M3 MCU features high-performance connectivity, which includes an Ethernet/USB/SD card, as well as an LCD controller and real-time system control
  • The RX24T MCU enables dual BLDC control
  • High-performance buck power, sensor, and MOSFET drivers for system control and stability
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Recommended products

Products Description Documents
RA6M3 120MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with USB High-Speed, Ethernet and TFT controller Datasheet
RX24T 32-bit MCU including on-chip FPU enable to drive two motors simultaneously Datasheet
Half-Bridge Driver    
HIP2103 60V, 1A/2A peak, half-bridge driver with 4V UVLO Datasheet
Buck Regulator    
RAA212422 Wide VIN 1.1A with low VIN 1.5A synchronous buck regulator Datasheet
ISL29033 Ultra-low lux, low power, integrated digital ambient light sensor with interrupt function Datasheet


System block diagram

block diagram

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