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Home-based water meter

Accurate usage monitoring with LCD display interface

Water resources on a global scale are limited and the consumption of fresh water needs to be monitored and charged on an individual basis in state-of-the-art homes and residential buildings.

The combination of the Renesas RX113 MCU and FS1012 flow sensor provides a solution for these applications. The FS1012 ensures accurate measurements while the RX113 provides a user interface with an LCD display control to allow customers to view consumption data.

Key features:

  • Solution includes LCD control and touch interface
  • Ease of use – the RX113 integrates several features such as RTC and USB for maintenance
  • MEMS solid-state flow sensor provides accurate measurements


  • Water meter
person holding smart phone in a kitchen setting

home-water-meter-body2-table and diagram

Display portlet menu

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Block diagram

Block Diagram: Home based water meter

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