Renesas Synergy™ Family - S5 Series S5D9

Cloud connectivity exercise with synergy using wired ethernet

The S5D9 MCU Board is the heart of the IoT Fast Prototyping Kit. It enables the fast prototyping of applications that require wired Ethernet and USB connectivity along with PMOD and Grove expansion options. The S5D9 board incorporates a Renesas Synergy Microcontroller with a 640K KB RAM and a 2 MB flash memory. In addition, the board has a 16 MB external flash memory connected through a QSPI interface. It can be powered using an industrial Molex connector, or through a USB device connector.

The board offers a variety of expansion options with one PMOD and 2 Grove connectors. The PMOD interface has designated jumper enabling the interface with either 3.3 V or 5 V powered modules. The Grove connections consist of one UART interface and one I2C interface. The Grove connectors can power either 3.3V modules only. The board also includes a JTAG interface for programming and debugging.

The S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit features the following interface options:

  • RJ45 10/100Mbps Ethernet x1
  • USB Full Speed x1
  • PMOD x1
  • Grove Connectors (UART, I2C, GPIO) x2
  • Protected Digital Input x2
  • Buffered Digital Output x2
  • RS232 Transceiver x2
  • JTAG Connector x1

The kit also includes the following on-board sensors:

  • Bosch BMC 150 6-Axis sensor
  • AMS ENS210 environmental sensor
  • TE Connectivity MS5637-02BA03 barometric pressure sensor
  • Knowles SPU0414HR5H-SB amplified SiSonic microphone