Efficient power for analog design

From your smartwatch to your home security system’s control panel to an entire office building’s automated lighting or air conditioning, power efficiency is a major priority. When the stakes are high, you simply cannot afford for your device to fail, which is precisely why Maxim Integrated has developed a portfolio of high-efficiency power conversion ICs.

Maxim’s efficient power ICs offer extended battery life in compact form factors, thanks to low voltage, low quiescent current solutions. This makes them optimal for a range of handheld or portable designs that depend on an internal power source. See how Maxim’s efficient power solutions can work for you.


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Efficient power solutions

Step-Down (Buck) Switching Regulators

  • Balance of high performance, wide temperature range operation and compact size
  • Ultra-low quiescent currents extend battery life in single lithium-ion and coin-cell batteries
  • Synchronous operation offers superior conversion efficiency
  • Multi-mode operations ensure high light-load efficiency
  • Compliant with EN55022 standards to provide reliable operation

BUY NOW:   MAX38640AELT+  |  MAX15026BETD+ 


Step-Up (Boost) Switching Regulators

  • High efficiency and low-noise in a compact size
  • Ultra-low power dissipation and True Shutdown™ features increase battery life
  • Proprietary LX-damping circuitry minimizes EMI in noise-sensitive applications.

BUY NOW:  MAX17225ELT+  |  MAX668EUB+ 


Step-Down/Step-Up (Buck-Boost) Regulators

  • Output a regulated voltage level either higher or lower than an input voltage
  • Lithium-ion battery-powered systems swing from a value above or below what is needed
  • Ideal for powering wireless communication modules, sensors, and microcontrollers

BUY NOW:  MAX16840ATB+  |  MAX6959AAEE+


Low-Dropout Linear Regulators (LDOs)

  • High accuracy and low-noise operation with very small dropout voltage for audio systems
  • Low dropout voltages of LDOs reduce heat dissipation for compact portable applications
  • High output accuracy allows closely regulated voltages on active termination busses
  • Ultra-low noise ensures precise system measurements

BUY NOW:  MAX38902BATA+  |  MAX1510ETB+


Continua Reversible Buck/Boost Regulator

  • Reversible buck-boost regulator delivers peak efficiency
  • Manages all aspects of charging and discharging secondary battery power sources
  • Preserves critical system functions in the event that the secondary battery runs low



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