WiSol is a venture company established in 2008 and included listed company in 2010.
Our DNA is the spirit of challenge and creativity.

Basic Sigfox Module

  This module is Sigfox verified and that the ETSI are completed.

Reference Description Action
WSLWSSFM101R1ATDAR Sigfox Module RCZ1 Buy Now
WSLWSSFM101R2ATDAR Sigfox Module RCZ2 Buy Now
WSLWSSFM101R3ATDAR Sigfox Module RCZ3 Buy Now
WSLWSSFM101R4ATDAR Sigfox Module RCZ4 Buy Now
WSLWSSFM11R2DAT Sigfox Module RCZ1 Buy Now


Sigfox Quad-mode module 

Module integrating the Wifi, BLE, GPS and Sigfox networks functions.



Reference Description Action
WSLWSSFM20R1AT Sigfox Quad-mode module  Buy Now
WSLWSSFM20R2AT Sigfox Quad-mode module  Buy Now
WSLWSSFM20R3AT Sigfox Quad-mode module  Contact Us
WSLWSSFM20R4AT Sigfox Quad-mode module Buy Now

Sigfox Evaluation Board


The EVBSFM10Rx is evaluation kit for SFM10Rx module.
It is designed for quick evaluation of Sigfox solution.

Reference Description Action
WSLEVBSFM10R1 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM10R2 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM10R3 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM10R4 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM20R1 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM20R2 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM20R3 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now
WSLEVBSFM20R4 Sigfox Evaluation Board Buy Now

Sigfox Development Kit

The EVBSFM10Rx is evaluation kit for SFM10Rx module.
It is designed for quick evaluation of SigFox solution.




Reference Description Action
WSLDVKSFM20R1 Sigfox Development Kit Buy Now
WSLDVKSFM20R2 Sigfox Development Kit Buy Now
WSLDVKSFM20R3 Sigfox Development Kit Buy Now
WSLDVKSFM20R4 Sigfox Development Kit Buy Now

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