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Sigfox Ecosystem

Low cost and low energy connectivity for IoT

Sigfox offers a host of advantages, making it one of the most widely deployed LPWAN for IoT today. It is particularly suited for use where energy efficient and small quantities of data must be transmitted wirelessly over vast distances.

1) An integrated ecosystem 

Avnet acts as the key link in the IoT ecosystem for all parties involved, facilitating a speedier marketing and development process.

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2) Sigfox Network

The Sigfox Network has several advantages such as the long range ( > 20 km), low power consumption for devices (up to 10 years of battery life depending on applications), low cost (~USD2 for the RF module) and operates from a global cloud architecture provided operator. All these come together to help form efficient end-to-end IoT solutions for businesses and consumers alike.



Sigfox is suited for applications that require infrequent and small data transmission. A key advantage of Sigfox technology is the ultra low power consumption of devices offering very long battery life (up to 10 years depending on usage). The Sigfox global network is deployed and operated by Sigfox Operators like Thinxtra and Unabiz in the APAC region.

Avnet is able to offer a complete end-to-enterprise solution in Sigfox to interested parties. We play a vital role in linking up all parties within an integrated ecosystem. This allows for crucial data and knowledge to be shared, facilitating your IoT deployment.

By leveraging our technical expertise and the strong design support from our solution provider, we can shorten the time to market of your IoT deployment.

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