Trusted Objects

TO136 - certified secure element for end-to-end IoT and industry 4.0 security

The TO136 is the lowest power certified tiny secure element in the market. Coming with a fully customisable personalisation scheme and command-set, starting at the lowest volumes in the industry, the TO136 is the most flexible tamper-resistant companion-chip for connected objects, sensors, actuators, gateways and machines. The hardware is banking-grade certified according to the EMVco standard (Europay – Mastercard – Visa) and runs cryptography algorithms stored in its highly protected flash-memory allowing the deployment of future-proof solutions with remotely upgradable security schemes while deployed in the field.

Key features

  • 136kB secure flash / 4kB secure RAM
  • 2.8mA active mode
  • Tiny DFN6 3x3mm package
  • I2C fast mode plus
  • Mutual authentication to server (TLS and derivatives) or to off-line device
  • TRNG: True Random Generator
  • Asymmetric Cryptography: Elliptic Curves P256
  • Symmetric Cryptography: AES, 3DES and SHA
  • On-board Key generation
  • MAC / HASH / signature
  • USB Type C authentication implementation
  • LoRaWAN security implemented
  • SIGFOX security implemented
  • Fully customisable command-set for specific usage and cryptography
  • Full custom personalisation scheme with unique IDs, pairs of private keys/certificates, pre-shared keys, MAC addresses


The TO136 is already deployed in numerous applications securing end-to-end Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX and various metering standards, making it suitable to any IoT and Industry 4.0 application across many verticals such as:

  • Consumer
  • Smart-city
  • Smart-building
  • Security
  • Home-automation
  • Smart-metering
  • Medical
  • Smart-industry
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