BeeInventor is an IoT technology company focused to disrupt traditional construction industry. Based in Hong Kong Science Park, BeeInventor continuously developed disruptive innovations for construction people, devices and material by well understanding of the industry. Combined with IoT network and our cloud based management portal, we bring a total IoT and cloud solution to construction industry leading to an intelligent, visualized era, disrupting conservative and backward impression of construction.


BeeInventor  Dasloop


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BeeInventor  Dasloop Flagship product-Dasloop, a smart device for construction workers’ safety and health improvement with compatible design, so that it can be mounted on all safety helmets on the market. Easy plug-in modules are also provided to offer more efficiency and safety upon different circumstance. Combination with the cloud-based portal can real-time monitor construction workers.  Contact Us


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BeeInventor  Dasloop BeeInventor Dasloop 1 page product brief Download Now

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