Trusted Objects

Trusted Objects is an independent company founded by experienced managers, and backed up by a network of industry experts and private investors.

Our vision is that the digital security technologies can be adapted and deployed to protect the connected devices against cyber attacks targeting the IoT ecosystem.

Our mission is to deliver embedded secure firmware and personalization services to enable cost effective and tamper resistant solutions for the billions of connected objects and machines.

Since its inception, Trusted Objects has been partnering with industry leaders to enable state of the art Secure Element for the IoT applications.

NB IoT with TCP protocol and TLS transport layer

TCP/IP is the communication protocol that has been used for 2G/3G/4G. It delivers a large bulk of data over a long lived point to point connection without stringent latency requirements.

TLS is used in two ways in IoT devices:

  • First, TLS is used to encrypt data in transit. This is used for data privacy and to make it harder to reverse engineer the communications used by the device
  • Second, devices store client TLS certificates that are used to authenticate the devices to the application - makes it one step harder to fake a device.
Graphic illustration of items NB-IoT affects like street lights, solar energy, vending machines, etc.

Security of NB IOT network with TCP/IP

Graphic illustrating the security of NB IoT network with TCP/IP

End to end security is based on:

  •  u.ICC to identify the device to the network
  • TCP/IP SSL to encrypt the payload between the network and the application server

Security challenges at IoT devices level

There are three problems developers run into when they want to implement TLS in IoT.

  • While IoT traffic needs to be quick and lightweight, TLS adds an additional two round trips to the start of every session
  • Certificates can be large files, and device memory is limited in IoT
  • Some of the protocols that are being developed for IoT are plaintext by default.
  • IoT devices are operating under low-power, and with limited computational and network resources.
  • Thus, Trusted Objects introduced an architecture to enable constrained devices to use Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) with mutual authentication to communicate with Internet devices. 

NB IoT with UDP protocol and DTSL as security transport layer

The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a light weight protocol used by apps to deliver a faster stream of information by doing away with error-checking.

When an app uses UDP, packets are just sent to the recipient. The sender doesn’t wait to make sure the recipient received the packet—it just continues sending the next packets. If the recipient misses a few UDP packets here and there, they are just lost—the sender won’t resend them. Losing all this overhead means the devices can communicate more quickly.

  • No delay for connection establishment
  • No connection state, making easier to handle active data’s at once
  • Small packet header overhead (header is only 8 bytes long), leading to better battery performance

Security of NB IOT network with UDP/DTLS

Graphic illustrating the security of NB IOT network with UDP/DTLS


  • End to end security from devices to application server
  • Possibility of Certificates exchange between device and cloud server
  • Encryption & Decryption of the payload, with encryption key controled by end user
  • Can enable PKI
  • SE is resistant to physical attacks if device is at threat

Security process with COAP DTLS - Title

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Security process with COAP*+ DTLS



*Constrained Application Protocal

CoAP was standardized just in 2014, it has all the same methods as HTTP, but it’s over UDP so it’s really light.

Graphic illustrating security process with COAP*+ DTLS
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Trusted Objects

DTLS stack embedded in the Secure Element

Graphic illustrating DTLS stack embedded in the Secure Element

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