With unparalleled system design capabilities, Exosite develops Internet of Things (IoT) software for companies.A cloud-based enterprise IoT platform, Exosite Murano enables an end-to-end ecosystem to help our customers develop and deliver connected products.

With its seamless device connectivity, inherent security and third-party integration,Murano helps organizations create sophisticated connected solutions faster to significantly improve time-to-market.


IoT, Simplified

Murano reduces the complexity in IoT implementation with its data aggregation and services.

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Vertical application

Exosite platforms are designed to enable rapid deployment of vertical IoT applications.

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Real Time Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring services with continuous improvement mechanism for connected devices by data analytics.

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Flexible Mobile App

Exosite is pleased to customize mobile applications that meet your business needs.  

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Avnet brings together the most reliable suppliers and partners, including Exosite to support you in end-to-end IoT deployment.

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