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NB-IoT Ecosystem

The rise of mobile IoT as the trusted IoT

The low power wide area (LPWA) network is rapidly growing in popularity, thanks to its ability to support low cost IoT applications that use low data rate, require long battery lives and often operate in remote locations.

Billions of new devices will be created to provide complete IoT connectivity in sectors like utilities, smart cities, logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, and wearables. The market opportunity, as a result, is massive.

The mobile industry is quickly seizing this opportunity with Mobile IoT. As trusted providers of managed M2M solutions with existing mobile networks, mobile operators are well placed to serve the full range of IoT applications.


Existing mobile networks can be easily adapted to securely and sustainably scale the market. Standardized Mobile IoT technologies like NB-IoT and LTE-M have also been confirmed as key parts of 5G, providing a long-term solution for LPWA. Providing extended coverage is a breeze for these technologies. As is supporting low power devices with long battery lives for up to 10 years and allowing cost effective delivery of service.

And with the roaming and interoperability that mobile IoT operators can support, high quality, cost effective coverage for IoT solutions can extend across the globe. 

As a key technology enabler in LPWAN technologies, Avnet plays an integral role in the mobile IT marketplace. We offer a wide range of robust offerings from leading ecosystem partners that are suitable for a host of mobile IoT applications, facilitating product design and slashing time to market for our customers.


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Technical Article

Looking to develop NB-IoT technology?

Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) is a technology standard developed by 3GPP to work in licensed bands. It holds a key position in the evolution of cellular mobile communication technologies (between LTE and 5G).



Sigfox is based on Ultra Narrow Band Radio with higher sensitivity. Of the three LPWAN technologies, Sigfox can reach the longest communication distance (30 – 50km in theory). It also has the lowest power consumption, extending battery life.



LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) offers long range, low power usage and lower infrastructure cost during installation to link IoT applications with a huge number of nodes.

Starter Kit


Avnet’s NB IoT Starter Kit enables designers to easily develop and prototype cellular connected IoT devices utilizing NB IoT network.