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Turn IoT insights into action with full suite of IoT solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vehicle of business transformation and is transforming businesses at lightning speed. It is clear that IoT will revolutionize both businesses and consumers, as new technologies and strategies connect the world in ways never before imagined. Industrial equipment and machinery companies are looking to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop new customer-oriented, revenue boosting business models and to increase production efficiency. The digital-enabled advances in manufacturing require IIoT transformation. IoT technologies have already given rise to a number of landmark applications in sectors as diverse as Industry 4.0, smart cities, smart homes, connected cars, and more. The right technology brings IoT business models to life and ensures ease-of-use, reliable performance and security.

Infineon’s semiconductors are key enablers in the IoT ecosystem. Its sensors turn electronic impulses into data; its actuators turn data into electronic impulses; microcontrollers by Infineon control entire systems; its security solutions protect devices and data integrity; and its smart power ICs manage the production, distribution and consumption of energy. Infineon’s leadership extends to IoT security applications like smart home, connected car, industrial automation and information and communication technology, as well as embedded and mobile security applications.

Avnet and Infineon have been bringing together networks at scale long before the term, Internet of Things, was even coined. That background allows Avnet’s engineering and manufacturing expertise to pair with Infineon’s semiconductors to truly enable the IoT ecosystem.

You have a concept for a new product, or maybe an idea to reinvent an existing product using IoT technology. No matter where you are with your plans, Avnet can help you succeed. Avnet provides full turnkey design capabilities that can take anyone’s idea from specification to production, collaborating with you to create a strong business case and helping you with

  • Component and technology selections
  • Developing complex solutions with multiple technologies
  • Guide you from design to production
  • Perform demos of Avnet development boards and supplier product

Avnet’s full suite of IoT solutions help customers overcome challenges related to design, connectivity, delivery, data analytics, project complexity and other issues.


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Smart automobiles

As vehicles get smarter, they require more technology application to ensure driver and passenger safety, data privacy and security and overall better user experience. Infineon has enabled most of the recent innovations in automotive technology, committed to making cars safer, smarter and greener with its outstanding portfolio of products.

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Smart cities

Smart solutions can help cities across the region manage the next stage of growth, improving the quality of citizens' lifestyle and accelerating economic growth. Megacities are looking for ways to make their infrastructure and energy systems smarter, safer and more power-efficient. Infineon plays an important role in achieving these objectives.

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Smart industry

Smart factories allow you to leverage industrial automation and robotics across a variety of industries. Industry 4.0 makes production faster, more efficient and more flexible through smart, connected systems along the entire value chain. Infineon industrial high side power modules and switches are perfect for applications that require resistive, inductive and capacitive loads in the IIoT.

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Smart home and consumer

Device-enablement ecosystem has an especially strategic advantage of enabling IoT related growth. Infineon electronic components play a key role in connecting these devices to the intelligent applications of tomorrow’s smart home.

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S2GO Security OPTIGA™ Trust X evaluation kit - fast, flexible and easy phototyping for IoT applications.

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