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The Evolution of the Industrial Sector - IIoT

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Smart industry

Breakthrough technologies, Industry 4.0, are changing the game in manufacturing in myriad ways, In the future, it will be possible to automate most of the processes along the entire value chain. Machines will be able to communicate with each other and take decisions on their own. Machine vision, when put to industrial use, is also known as “industrial vision”, technology has reduced quality losses by 10 to 20 percent. With the right functionality the IIoT can make any industrial environment smarter. Most companies have used Industry 4.0 technology to make their production operations faster and cheaper or to reduce scrap. Industry 4.0 does not mean squeezing the most out of what’s technically feasible. Instead, enterprises have to fully digitize their production to survive on the market.

Infineon’s long-standing experience in industrial automation enables it to deliver industrial-grade IoT semiconductor solutions. Its smart power ICs manage the production, distribution and consumption of energy, along with a range of proven reference designs to make automation design as simple, efficient and reliable as possible.

Work with Avnet and Infineon to deploy your smart industry more effectively, quicker and at lower cost.

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Featured products

Radar sensors for industrial and consumer

Infineon’s range of radar offerings provide unique benefits not possible with traditional motion sensing technology.


OPTIGA™ Trust B is a robust cryptographic solution for embedded systems requiring easy-to-integrate, reliable authentication features.

Angle Sensor

Highest variety of magnetic angle sensors GMR, AMR and TMR - low end to high end, standardized and specialized for automotive, industrial and consumer.


IGBT product selection provides a broad variety of IGBT devices. These products address a wide range of applications in the field of automotive, traction, industrial and consumer systems.