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Smart home and consumer

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The smart home has evolved from a future concept to an everyday reality. Within a decade, our living spaces will be enhanced by a host of new devices and technologies, performing a range of household functions and redefining what it means to feel at home. Smart homes support a growing range of intelligent functions such as automation, home energy management, home security and safety and intelligent personal lighting. By 2020, Infineon is preparing to have 4 billion people connected to the Internet of Things, it is worthwhile to take a step back and consider how secured your IoT business really is. Unprotected connected ecosystem is a very attractive target for attackers who could break into it.

Infineon contributes industry’s broadest portfolio of electronic components to manufacturers of home and consumer products. The complete line of security chips specifically designed for IoT, with a focus on authentication, confidentiality and integrity of communication and upgrades to firmware make smart homes more secure and safe.

Avnet’s unique end-to-end ‘design to deploy’ ecosystem will help you from idea to design through to production, supports customers of all sizes, entrepreneur to enterprise, at each stage of the product lifecycle with a comprehensive ecosystem and portfolio of design and supply chain services.

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Featured products

AC-DC Integrated Power Stage - CoolSET™

Infineon latest 5th generation CoolSET™ offer high performance with the integration of latest 700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 power MOSFET family in both DIP-7 and DSO-12 packages.


OPTIGA™ Trust X reduces integration effort and is easy to use. This premium security solution offers high performance and low power consumption.


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TLE/TLI/TLV496x-xM/L Family

TLE/TLI/TLV496x-xM/L family of Hall switches saves energy and enables designers to create precise, compact systems.

Digital Motor Controller (iMOTION™)

iMOTION™ ICs integrate all the control and analog interface functions required for sensor less field oriented control (FOC) of PM motors using DC link or leg shunt current measurements.