Molex Connected Home

Molex connected home tool

The connected home is not a nice to have in today’s world, it’s a must have. From security and surveillance, home automation and smart appliances to home streaming entertainment and energy options, the home of tomorrow is happening—and it’s happening now.

Explore all the ways to make a house into a smart home with the Molex Connected Home tool. It’s a self-guided tour not only through everything that can be automated, but also the technology it will take to get there.

The massive opportunity around home automation is knocking. The only question is: will you answer?


Home and Building Automation

From end consumers to commercial property operators expect connected, the connected home is seen as necessary in today’s world.

person using tablet computer to adjust settings on home automation app

Home and Building Automation

Antennas with Avnet and Molex

Avnet and Molex bring you a portfolio of high-performing solutions and associated technologies that enable you to transform concepts into smart connected designs across a wide range of applications

Molex Home Automation tool


How IoT and antennas met

Go back to basics on the future of the connected home and how antennas are the unsung hero of the Internet of Things.

person adjusting the temperate on a thermostat

Avnet and Molex

Antennas for the connected home

Browse the extensive portfolio of high performance components for a broad spectrum of wireless applications

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