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First Avnet Server in Asia is born!

Avnet is now the preferred Xilinx Certified Server OEM Partner. We aim to be a System Solution Provider to offer hardware, software and design services to our customers. Customers can get comprehensive solution from Avnet whenever they want to develop data center applications such as Video processing, Fintech, Machine learning, Life-science, etc. We offer 2U and 4U high-performance computing servers with different configurations to meet different application requirements.  The Xilinx Alveo™ Data Acceleration Card U50, U250 and U280 are certified to be running on the Avnet Server now.

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Customer benefits:

  • One-stop-shop benefit to have (1) Avnet Server, (2) Xilinx Alveo data acceleration card which running on the Xilinx certified server, and (3) Software solution running on Alveo; while all these are fully tested, well-integrated and can be customized to meet customer needs.
  • Avnet Design Service (ADS) Team will provide technical design and professional system architecture consultancy services on how to build the most cost-effective system as well as to speed up customer’s product design.
  • With our self-owned server manufacturing facility which obtains the ISO9001 standard, our customers will get the best-in-class server solution from Avnet with quality assurance.
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Avnet is your one partner for Xilinx. We can help organizations of any size create connected devices that run safer, smarter and more efficiently.

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