Shifting into high gear

For years, the automotive and transportation industries were driven by how much power you could get out of a vehicle, and then it was how much fuel efficiency you could achieve. Today, consumers are demanding a new definition of their transportation experience – one which includes: keeping the price down, the size efficient, with state-of-the-art connectivity and optimization, all built on non-traditional power sources at a higher degree of integration.


Reach further

That’s a pretty tall order for any single company to fill – unless you’re supported by a partner like Avnet with an ecosystem that helps navigate the competing and emerging standards within the marketplace.



Specialized Design and Support

We have assembled a team of Avnet, Supplier and Partner resources to deliver a true Automotive Segment Supply and Design Chain Support Ecosystem.

Avnet Account Managers, FAEs, Supply Chain Managers and Quality Engineers

Providing customers with day to day specialized supply and design chain support for automotive segment requirements.

Supplier Network

Avnet’s line up of supplier partners provide a full portfolio of automotive grade devices and solutions. The Avnet Technical Network connects customers to design resources with the objective of accelerating new project development. These in house/partner resources offer engineering design services, software expertise, and manufacturing capabilities tied to the automotive segment and key applications.


Featured Partners

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Our new automotive solutions guide features the latest products available from our supplier partners.


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Design expertise

Learn about our top automotive suppliers products, design expertise and trends.

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Interconnect products including: USB Type C, USB 2.0 and 3.0, Conan® 1.00mm mezzanine, Bergstik® 2.54mm headers and Rib Cage® Board-to-Board system.


Memory and Analog Products organized primarily by applications including ADAS, LEDs, HUD, Cluster and Infotainment.

Pulse Electronics

High isolation transformers, Common mode chokes, and Antennas for communication applications in the automobile.


Passive Products including Automotive Polymer Caps, FLEXISAFE MLC Chips, W2F/W3F Series SMT Feedthrough Caps and AP Series of SMP Low Cap Varistors.


Memory products including DRAM, e.MMC Memory, Serial NOR Flash and LPDRAM.


Vishay’s SQ Rugged Series MOSFETs are AEC-Q101 qualified. Available in innovative space-saving packages including the industry-first AEC-Q101 qualified 12V and 20V options.


Analog IC products including digital, IPM interface, gate drive optocouplers and isolation amplifiers


Interconnect products including PAP & Mylar-version Stac64™, MX64™ Sealed (USCAR approved), DuraClik™ SMT Wire-to-Board, Mini50™ Unsealed System (USCAR 050 interface) and stAK50h™ Infotainment System.


All Programmable products including XA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs, XA Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs and XA Artix-7 All Programmable FPGAs.


Multiple technologies including Linear Voltage Regulators, Smart High Side Switch: PROFET, 3D Magnetic Sensor, 32-bit Automotive MCU: AURIX and LITIX Automotive LED Drivers.


Processor and Analog Products organized primarily by applications including Safety, Radar, Motor Control and Connectivity.