Pulse Electronics Automotive Solutions

Broad range of products designed to support communications applications

With an extensive line of catalog products and support for custom products Pulse can easily support your design requirements. Pulse has multiple factories that are TS certified and upon request can provide PPAP documentation for automotive grade products.


Pulse Automotive Solutions Networking

Pulse Electronics has developed components for nearly every automotive communications application for today’s vehicles and the vehicles of the future. Networking products support multiple technology’s used in the automobile including MOST, CAN Bus, FlexRay, Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB), 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, Power over Datalines (PoDL), and A2B. On top of these, Pulse has products that support technology’s used in battery management systems within the car.

Our Network products support multiple applications including Infotainment, Battery Management Systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Energy Storage Systems, and Body Control. With all components meeting AEC-Q200 requirements and capable of operating from negative 40 up to positive 125 degrees Celsius temperature range with roadmap to positive 150 degrees Celsius for applications closer to the engine.


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Pulse AntennaAntennas for Automotive Applications

As the demand for wireless connectivity within and around vehicles flourishes, Pulse/Larsen is here with the needed antenna solutions. We offer a unique far-reaching understanding of antenna and RF technology offering excellent value and outstanding quality covering 2G/3G/4G LTE, WLAN, (Wi-Fi), Zigbee, BLE, GNSS, ISM, VHF, UHF, NFC and other custom applications. Choose between high performing, robust board-mounted, flexible internal, or IP67 tough outdoor antenna designs for your automotive solutions needs. Perfect for key-fobs, GPS tracking, NFC, BLE and Zigbee communication, security cameras, data transmission, radio communications and Wifi connections. All antennas can be customized and optimized for your automotive application.

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You can rely on Pulse to be your trusted automotive antenna partner. We have been in the automotive antenna business over 50 years and have exceeded over 2 Billion antennas shipped during that time.



AEC-Q200 Ethernet Magnetics Training Video


Pulse HM Series

Pulse provides a wide range of Ethernet Transformers to support multiple communications, and battery management applications in the car.


Pulse PE

Pulse provides a wide range of Common Mode Chokes that support multiple communication applications in the car.

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Pulse Electronics Antennas

Find the right antenna solution for your Automotive Applications Choose robust embedded, flexible internal, and/or ruggedized IP67 outdoor antenna options covering GPS, WiFi, LTE, ISM and Multi-band frequencies.

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