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For over 25 years Micron has been a leading supplier of memory to the automotive and associated industries. Our memory products work to optimize car engines, entertain passengers and keep our roads safer. Micron’s dedicated automotive segment team has built an in-depth understanding of the industry, contributing to the development of automotive practices and recognized methodologies. Micron’s product portfolio is designed and manufactured so that customers can rely on us as a single source for volatile and nonvolatile memory needs. Micron meets automotive compliance through:

  • ISO 26262 – ASIL
  • TS 16949
  • AEC-Q100 qualification


Micron, DRAM, high performance for automotive

Automotive applications require memory to push the envelope in power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth. Our SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 deliver that and more.

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  • Automotive Solutions Flyer: Learn How Micron’s automotive solutions are aligned with industry requirements for innovation, high reliability, and long-term product support.

e.MMC Memory

micron automotive, e.MMC Memory

Speeding integration, development and ease of design gets you to market faster. Our fully managed e.MMC memory with built-in controller and interface helps you do that.

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  • e.MMC Product Flyer: Simplified Solutions. e.MMC for Automotive, Industrial, Consumer. This flyer highlights the key advantages of how Micron’s e.MMC offers quick system integration for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Serial NOR Flash

Micron Automotive, Serial NOR Flash

Automotive memory must function in extreme environments. Our NOR Flash memory offers a high quality, small footprint package with execute in place capabilities for engine control units.

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  • Technical Note: Serial Flash Discovery Parameters for MT25Q Family Introduction.
  • NOR Flash Product Flyer: Learn about the key features and benefits of Micron NOR Flash for consumer and computing, embedded, and automotive applications.


Micron Automotive, LPDRAM

Built to consume less power without sacrificing performance, our LPDR, LPDDR2, LPDDR3, and LPDDR4 memory solutions are perfect for instrument cluster, infotainment, and ADAS solutions.

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  • LPDRAM Product Flyer: Versatility + Performance LPDRAM for mobile and embedded- This flyer highlights the key advantages of designing Micron’s low-power (LPDRAM) into mobile and embedded applications.



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