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Automotive, sustainability


The right balance of economic progress, environmental care and social responsibility.

Recognition of environmental responsibility is not only good for business, but becomes an integral part of the way how vehicles are marketed, purchased and driven. Adding Economic and Social progress brings sustainability to our future.

Automotive, comfort related electronics


Interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the environment.

Comfort related electronics and electrical drives offer drivers and passengers continuously improved indoor environment with focus on the segments DIS, Telematic, DAS (Camera), Ambient/Interior Light and Sensors in order to host many other functionalities in the future.

automotive sensors


Sensors register the situation in and around the vehicle.

Safety spectrum ranges from purely camera-based systems, through lidar systems to radar systems; as well as the sensors for surrounding area detection, which require a very fast evaluation of data.

Connected Car

In other words "Building a New Industry"

The next ten years will see connectivity become the norm in vehicles. Today, this market comprises primarily aftermarket devices. However, the next few years will see a significant market movement as the number of cars with built in connectivity platforms will increase dramatically.

Jump starter - the /AVAIL Block Diagram APP

Your local FAE team is armed with Avnet AVAIL Block Diagram APP, an interactive engineering tool built on the Microsoft Visio platform. The systems allows Avnet to take advantage of an elite knowledge base of engineering talent and manufacturer information. We have developed specific subsystem block diagrams for Automated Car ADAS, Car Efficiency, In-Vehicle Networking and Infotainment to help customers develop system level Automotive Segment solutions quickly and efficiently.

Automotive Solutions

Avnet’s line up of supplier partners provide a full portfolio of automotive grade devices and solutions. The Avnet Technical Network connects customers to design resources with the objective of accelerating new project development.