Our response to the global COVID-19 pandemic

Since the appearance of the coronavirus in January 2020 and its development into the global COVID-19 pandemic, Avnet has taken a variety of steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees worldwide. For example, we have enabled our entire office workforce to work remotely and have cancelled all in-person events or turned them into virtual ones to eliminate any exposure risks. In addition, we have implemented work plans and safety measures in our global logistics and distribution centers to keep them operational while eliminating risk to our employees as much as possible.

We are also focused on ensuring business continuity, and continue to assess the full business impact to Avnet. Shipments to our customers are still flowing but we are experiencing longer lead times for new orders in some regions. We are working closely with our supplier partners to ensure information flows throughout the supply chain, and are doing everything humanly possible to ensure the best service levels for our customers. The situation is fluid and if we are informed of delays we will pass that information along to our customers as soon as possible.

Naturally the supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic are different from supplier to supplier, depending on manufacturing locations and transportation channels. We have recorded selective production stops and delays in delivery from our suppliers, but also notice slowing demand on the customer side – albeit selective and different by region. Our aim is to provide the best possible visibility and to protect our customers’ business.

Avnet Sales Representatives are available to discuss your specific order and situation.

Read Avnet CEO letter to customers.

Below is a summary of specific actions being taken in each region to ensure business continuity throughout this pandemic:

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