As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop globally, Avnet is taking appropriate steps to safeguard our employees. For example, our employees in the Americas and EMEA are currently working from home, and our employees in Asia work from home in split shifts. In addition, we have implemented work plans, including separated-shift models in some locations, for our global logistics and distribution centers to keep them operational while eliminating risk to our employees as much as possible.

The pandemic has slowed global commerce, and we continue to assess the full business impact to Avnet. As of March 18, 2020, we have not recorded any specific disruptions of our upstream supply chain (incoming goods from suppliers). Shipments to our customers are still flowing but we are experiencing longer lead times for new orders in some regions. Our current assessment in Asia is that the general supply chain situation is improving rapidly.

Read Bill Amelio's letter to customers (dated March 27).

Please ask your Avnet Sales Representative for information specific to your account. The situation is fluid and if we are informed of delays we will pass that information along to our customers as soon as possible.

Below is a summary of specific actions being taken in each region to ensure business continuity throughout this pandemic:

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