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Electronics systems in railway applications are subject to challenging environmental conditions, from high temperatures in confined spaces to the heavy vibration felt by body- or axle-mounted systems. Whether for control and infrastructure or rolling stock, these electronic systems require DC/DC power conversion that can perform safely and reliably in harsh environments.  Demands are so challenging and so specific that specialist power supplies designed and built to comply with relevant European and worldwide railway systems standards must be used.

Our dedicated power field applications engineers have a deep knowledge of railway systems, including mission critical and secondary applications, and can help you to select power supplies that meet all of the relevant approvals from some of the world's leading power suppliers including Aimtec, Artesyn, Bel Power Solutions, Delta, Flex PM, GE Critical Power, Mean Well and Murata PS. Download our railway power solutions brochure to explore the range.

Rolling Stock

All rolling stock electronic equipment must meet European quality standard EN50155. This umbrella standard refers to various other standard to define the environmental conditions that power supplies must operate in as well as specifying electrical and mechanical performance parameters;

  • EN50163 specifies the main characteristics of the supply voltages of traction systems including input ranges, transients and surges
  • EN50121 specifies EMC / EMI requirements
  • EN50125 specifies environmental conditions
  • EN61373 specifies testing requirements for railway equipment subsequently subjected to vibration and shock in the railway operational environment


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Control and infrastructure

In general, control and infrastructure systems should comply with EN60950 for safety, and EN61000 and EN55011/22 for EMC and EMI, while specific requirements can be set for outdoor, gas-heating systems and PoE applications.

Safety critical Control Command and Signalling systems (CCS) such as ATP / ERTMS circuits must comply with specific directives including EN50126, EN50128, and EN50129 for demonstration of reliability, software and safety related to electronic systems for signaling and communication.

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Power solutions for railway applications

Discover our range of power conversion products designed for EN50155 mission-critical rolling stock, control and infrastructure, and non-critical applications.

Engineers' Insight

Meeting standards for rolling stock power supplies

The regulatory requirements surrounding mission-critical and non-mission critical rolling stock power supplies are paramount to application safety, but ready made solutions are available to meet these complex standards.



Explore our pan-European power suppliers and product capabilities.

Avnet Abacus power products

Bel Power Solutions

RCM DC-DC converters

RCM Series DC-DC converters are reliable power supplies for railway and transportation systems, designed for chassis mount applications operating in convection cooled environments.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

ERM DC-DC converter modules

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has introduced 72 new models to its ERM family of DC-DC converter modules designed for railway rolling stock applications.

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Avnet Abacus' technical specialists have expertise across a wide range of applications can help you select and design the right power solution without exceeding your budget.

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