As LEDs rapidly become the prominent source of lighting, the key benefits of the technology (lower power, operation, reliability and long-life) can only be achieved through careful luminaire design, using highly efficient and reliable ancillary components. This is especially true of the LED driver, and regulatory agencies have created a series of directives to help manufacturers select the most appropriate product for efficiency.

These directives are based on considerations including ripple/ flicker, standby/no-load power consumption, start-up time, safety, EMC and harmonic distortion. With the use of LEDs a whole new world of controlling light is possible - from dimming to wireless control to day-night colour mixing - in smart city street lighting, illumination and horticulture lighting applications.

Our range of LED drivers from leading manufacturers have been designed with these directives in mind and our technical specialists can advise you on the most important specifications for specific applications, helping you to choose the best power solution for your design.


LED driver products and solutions

Explore some of the latest LED driver products and solutions from our leading power suppliers.


LNP-C series fixed output current LED drivers

The LNP-C series from Delta is a range of reliable and affordable fixed output current LED drivers, compatible with COB and mid-power LEDS from any LED manufacturer.


iHP series intelligent power system

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies iHP configurable intelligent power system is designed to provide high accuracy, resolution and stability as a programmable voltage or current source for industrial and healthcare applications.

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ELG(C)-300 series constant power LED driver

The ELGC-300(300W) series 300W constant power LED driver is a higher wattage option for bay lighting, street lighting and flood lighting applications.

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Further resources and articles

Explore our additional technical resources, articles and product brochures for LED drivers.

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Engineers' Insight

Programmable drivers add flexibility to LED lighting

As LED luminaires have continued to develop in complexity, lighting designers have begun to demand flexibility from their driver hardware that the basic constant current topology can’t provide.

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Standard LED drivers brochure

Explore the full range of MEAN WELL standard LED drivers for a wide range of lighting applications.

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Horticultural lighting solutions brochure

Minimise your power consumption, installation expense and the cost of cooling your facilities with Artesyn Embedded Technologies' horticultural lighting solutions.

Solutions Guide

Powering your designs

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