DC-DC power supplies

DC-DC converters convert one stable DC voltage to another and provide galvanic isolation between two circuits. Point of load regulators (PoL) are placed near the load and come in very small form factors whilst higher power non-isolated converters are used to efficiently perform the final voltage conversion.

Whilst each solution simply manages the conversion from a DC input to a regulated and/or isolated DC output, there are a wide range of options based on size, power, cost and converter technology requirements.

Avnet Abacus Europe-wide team of power specialists can guide you through issues of efficiency, heat dissipation, isolation and voltage regulation and help you choose the most appropriate model for your requirement. Common considerations include:

  • Low power, isolated DC/DC converters – used to step-up or stepdown, to a desired other (regulated) voltage, but also to galvanically separate circuits for safety reasons.
  • High and medium power DC/DC – a distributed power architecture (DPA) for boards and systems that is often used to break power conversion into several sections to control and manage the power train.
  • Medical applications which need isolation from AC mains power – in general, an AC power supply will require isolation from the mains and rectification to a distributed bus voltage, at 48V, 24V or even down to 5V or 12V. A DC/DC converter can bring in extra safety with a high isolation; particularly for medical applications with electrical contacts to patients.
  • Board mounted, isolated, intermediate bus converters (IBC) – isolate application boards from the 48V distributed bus and bring the bus voltage down to 8V to 14V at a typical 10% load regulation.
  • Point of Load (PoL) regulators – convert the intermediate bus voltage to high precision, high efficiency, fast responding voltages with high current capabilities. The new ultra small micro-PoL generations create the board-space required for power-hungry ICs demanding multiple voltage rails like FPGAs, SoC and multi-core CPUs.
Miniature low power
Industry standards
Analog and digital bricks
Intermediate bus converters
Enclosed - open/U frame - DIN rail
DC input rectifier and front-end
Rail and transportation
Special purpose DC-DC converters
LED drivers
High voltage input DC-DC converters
DC-DC input filters
Analog and digital point-of-load
Micro point-of-load converters
Switching voltage regulators
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DC-DC products and solutions

Explore some of the latest DC-DC products and solutions from our leading power suppliers.

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However your design is powered, Avnet Abacus can provide market leading end-to-end support for your application, from prototype to production and every step in between. Download our power solutions guide to find out more.


FS1406 µPOL™ DC-DC power module

The world's smallest micro point-of-load DC-DC power module offers 15W of power in a tiny 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.5mm package, ideal for powering FPGAs for the next generation of computing.

Murata Power Solutions

IRS-Q48 series 1/16th brick DC-DC converters

Murata Power Solutions has launched the IRS-Q48 series of 1/16th brick DC-DC converters for industrial and railway applications.

Artesyn 50 volt DC-DC bricks Product Spotlight

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

50 volt DC-DC bricks

Artesyn Embedded Technologies announces the AVE450, AVE500 and ADH700 series. All based on a high power density open frame design in a telecom industry-standard half-brick format, with an optional aluminum baseplate for excellent thermal performance.

Flex PKB4413DA 408W DC-DC Converter Module Product Spotlight

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PKB4413DA 408W DC-DC Converter Module

Flex's PKB4413DA is a low-profile, 408W DC-DC converter module, designed to provide point-of-load (POL) converters with tightly regulated 12V output at up to 34A.

Further resources and articles

Explore our additional technical resources, articles and product brochures for DC-DC power.

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Railway power solutions

Whether for control and infrastructure or rolling stock, Avnet Abacus can help you find the right power conversion solutions that can perform safely and reliably in railway applications.

Railway train stopped at a station

Engineers' Insight

Meeting standards for rolling stock power supplies

The regulatory requirements surrounding mission-critical and non-mission critical rolling stock power supplies are paramount to application safety, but ready made solutions are available to meet these complex standards.

Advanced Power Architectures EI Spotlight

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Engineers' Insight

How are advanced power architectures enabling industrial applications?

Get a lowdown on the key considerations when designing distributed power architectures into your industrial applications.

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Power Legislation

European power guidelines

Power efficiency guidelines are intended to save energy in the production and use of power supplies.