AC-DC power supplies

The large variety of AC-DC power supplies on the market is mainly driven by different application requirements, but is also affected by industry regulations, the laws of physics and market trends.

Efficiency rating is no longer the sole consideration when selecting power supplies. New environmental directives are increasingly driving manufacturers to consider other factors that will limit energy losses; such as digital remote control and management, low standby and no-load power consumption. Other markets require increased safety measures and enforce higher isolation ratings such as on ‘household’ EN60335, medical EN60601 or more stringent environment requirements such as ATEX/Ex.

The newest and most innovative AC-DC power suppliers in stock at Avnet Abacus

We offer you the latest NPIs on a wide range of AC-DC products, including conduction cooled AC-DC power supplies for low audible noise targeted at medical, audio/video and office applications, as well as adapters for the new generation of USB type-C connected devices, for fast and ultra-fast charging.

Industrial robotics in a car manufacturing plant
Board mount and brick type
Conduction cooled/fanless
Open frame
U-frame with case
DIN rail
Enclosed case/panel mount
Datacentre and CRPS
LED driver
ABB Power Electronics                  
Bel Power Solutions / Melcher    
Delta Electronics  
Fulham (incl. Lumotech)                        
Mean Well  
Murata PS                




AC-DC power supply products and solutions

Find out more about some of the latest products and solutions from our industry leading AC-DC power supply linecard.

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Powering your designs

However your design is powered, Avnet Abacus can provide market leading end-to-end support for your application, from prototype to production and every step in between. Download our power solutions guide to find out more.


CoolX1800 series modular power supplies

The CoolX1800 series of modular power supplies from Excelsys outputs 1800 W of power, typically 50% more than the industry standard, in a compact 5 x 10.5 x 1U package.

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies

LCM3000 series AC-DC power supplies

LCM3000 series AC-DC single-output enclosed power supplies can supply up to 3000 watts output power with medical and industrial safety approvals.

Bel Power Solutions

PFE series front-end AC-DC power supplies

PFE series Platinum efficiency front-end AC-DC power supplies offer output power from 600 to 3000 W and convert standard AC mains power into a main output of 12 VDC.

Bel Power PFE series Platinum energy efficiency front-end AC-DC power supply


CliQ III DRP-24V120W1CAN DIN rail power supply

The CliQ III 24V DIN rail power supply features a wide operating temperature range and high power density.

Further resources and articles

Explore our technical resources and articles for AC-DC power.

Engineers' Insight

Do you need more than enough: Specifying AC-DC power supplies

Bigger is always better, isn’t it? That’s not necessarily the case when it comes to specifying an AC-DC power supply.

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Railway power solutions

Whether for control and infrastructure or rolling stock, Avnet Abacus can help you find the right power conversion solutions that can perform safely and reliably in railway applications.

Railway train stopped at a station

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Power Legislation

European power guidelines

Power efficiency guidelines are intended to save energy in the production and use of power supplies.

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Engineers' Insight

The power regulations spiral

Since the 1990s, the external power supply has become the target of a series of regulations that are gradually being tightened around the world. Understanding these is a must for engineers in the process of working out how to power their design.