Automating industrial efficiency

An exciting resurgence of investment and innovation in industrial equipment and infrastructure is underway. Industrial is a broad category and often means different things to different people, with Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and Clean Energy just some of the areas creating a buzz in the industrial space.

Avnet Abacus solves this by getting specific around each industrial segment. We offer you the best balance of precision, security and rugged, long-life performance, sharing technology options to find the best fit for your application and covering all of the bases for designing, building and getting your industrial application to market. 

Avnet Abacus has supported the major industrial OEMs for decades and helps emerging start-ups successfully capitalise on the industrial market. Our people have the experience, our tools help you get the job done efficiently and our offering is rugged enough to last no matter what the conditions.

Industrial grade products for industrial environments

Avnet Abacus understands and stocks interconnect, electromechanical, passive, and power solutions designed to withstand adverse conditions, as well as wireless and sensor products designed specifically for new industrial technologies. Our pan-European team of field sales engineers and product specialists work closely with our suppliers to offer you the highest level of engineering support for your design, helping you to ensure your application performs to the desired level.

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