Healthcare and life science expertise

Advancements in personal healthcare, diagnostic analysis and rehabilitative practices, along with the ability to detect health issues early on and deliver effective and personalised treatment options, is changing lives on a daily basis. Treatment via state-of-the-art medical equipment and by empowering individuals to take a more active role in their personal health is more and more commonplace.

Avnet Abacus serves the distinct needs of customers in each of these four major healthcare segments:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Fitness and healthcare wearables


Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment

Accelerating the innovation process

Ready to be a part of the next wave of innovation?  As your key partner in making breakthrough applications come to life, Avnet Abacus can support products that require fast time to market, or long design cycles that take years to reach the market.

Avnet Abacus has a portfolio of products designed specifically for the medical device market, including:

  • Connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  • Human Machine Interface products
  • Passive components
  • Sensors
  • Wireless solutions

Dedicated experts focused on the healthcare industry

Avnet Abacus is an authorised source for the leading suppliers of technologies revolutionising the medical industry, which means that our pan-European team of field sales engineers and product specialists are up to date with the latest technologies and regulatory requirements in the market. They work closely with our suppliers to offer you the highest level of engineering support for your design so that you can deliver cutting edge solutions.

Get started with your next innovation today by contacting your local Avnet Abacus sales office, or click the Ask an Expert button to send us your enquiry.

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