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The technology driving the 5G revolution

Whilst we are still early in its deployment cycle, 5G’s characteristics and performance capabilities are well defined, and its potential to support new and improved applications is already clear.

Beyond enhancing existing applications which will benefit from improved cellular connectivity, it is widely anticipated that 5G will transform many areas of our lives by enabling further levels of innovation across multiple market segments, including healthcare, automotive, smart cities and industrial automation.

Initially 5G NSA (non-standalone) builds upon and complements 4G LTE networks, but significant investment in new equipment is required to release the full benefits of 5G SA (standalone). The 5G spectrum is more complex than previous generations and falls within the three ranges of sub-1 GHz, 1-6 GHz and above 6 GHz.

Key features of 5G include: Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) which promises data rates peaking at 20Gbps, Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) to provide wide area coverage for up to 1 million devices per square kilometre, and Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) for mission-critical applications requiring extremely low end-to-end latencies along with high reliability and availability.

The infrastructure being developed to enable the full range of 5G potential includes Active Antenna Systems (AAS) leveraging massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) and beamforming functionality and will heavily depend on the mass deployment of small cells in both outdoor and indoor settings.

To reach the potential of 5G, engineers are challenged do develop complex RF front ends, sophisticated signal and data processing capability and deliver all of this in hardware that is optimised for power efficiency, size and cost.

Avnet Abacus’ Europe-wide team of technical specialists are ready to support your 5G projects from concept to prototype and production, with a comprehensive range of 5G-ready connectors and cables, power supplies and passive and discrete RF components from our industry-leading linecard.


5G knowledge library

Whether you are developing 5G end products or infrastructure, understanding how the technology has developed and how it can enhance your applications is just the start. Delve into our 5G knowledge library to discover how it is changing the landscape for communications technology and how to approach component selection for your designs.

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5G will transform many areas of our lives by enabling further levels of innovation across multiple vertical segments, including healthcare, automotive, smart cities and industrial automation.

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Omron sensor solutions for 5G

Omron’s sensor solutions are ready to support a range of 5G-enhanced connected applications.

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Amphenol ICC has developed an extensive range of connector and cable solutions to support 5G, from its range of commercial, power, and server portfolios.

Bel offers a large and growing solutions for 5G which cover power, connectivity, Ethernet, circuit protection and integrated connector module.

Improve your communication systems with the latest connectivity products require to drive your 5G design.

Samtec offers a large high-performance range of solutions for 5G to support four main applications.