Deliver tomorrow's Connected Home with today's technology

From end consumers to commercial property operators, nearly everyone sees the connected home as necessary in today’s world. The intelligent devices and systems that appear in every aspect of our lives or businesses are also expected in where we work, eat or live. Consumers seek convenience, while commercial operators demand efficiency.

The building blocks of a smart home

The move from home to smart home is as brick by brick as building the home itself. Engineers must wrestle with:

  • Hardware protocols that properly communicate with software algorithms
  • Security concerns across hardware and software, from encryption to public or private keys
  • Sensor requirements that are interoperable and compatible
  • A variety of wireless connection types—and the security that goes into securing each one
  • Added complexity with depth of automation like connecting to the cloud
  • Balancing quality and cost

The application potential is vast

While there are dozens of possible applications within the Connected Home, there are a few key ones:

  • Irrigation: Ensure curb appeal by monitoring and care for landscaping in a systematic process
  • Security: Whether residential or commercial, cameras, alarms and more can be connected to increase security
  • Lighting: Smart switches and dimmers can control one, many or every light
  • Window coverings: Adjust motorised shades and blinds from anywhere to reduce energy cost or increase privacy
  • HVAC: Automate heating, ventilation and air conditioning whether in or out of the home

Your idea + our expertise = The right Connected Home solution

Whether it’s connecting smart home appliances or all functions in a commercial building, the right partner can help bring ideas to life, while also understanding the regulations, best practices, security implications and data protocols necessary to build a scalable solution.

Ready to learn more? Avnet Abacus' Europe-wide team of technical specialists have the necessary experience to guide you through your Connected Home designs, and they're on hand to help. Visit the Ask an Expert page to get in touch.

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Engineers' Insight

The evolution of home automation

Just how smart can a smart home get? Tomorrow’s home is a true a brainiac, making decisions for you before you even think to tell it to.

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