TDK automotive solutions

TDK automotive solutions include not only standard components, but also application-specific solutions, which are developed together with our customers.

Below you will find further special features that distinguish our products and solutions for use in convenience applications for automobiles.

TDK Piezo Listen Series Spotlight

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PiezoListen series

TDK’s PiezoListen™ can produce sound over a wide frequency range. It features full range sound with high SPL and quality incomparable to existing piezo speakers.


ACM 70 series

The TDK ACM-V common-mode filters are designed for automotive power lines. The filters feature excellent common-mode impedance and noise suppression in a compact case.


CLF NI-D series

The TDK CLF-NI-D series of power inductors are magnetically shielded, wire wound inductors with a magnetic ferrite core, designed for use in automotive applications.


PowerHap series

The PowerHap™ piezo actuator with haptic feedback and integrated sensor functionality offers unrivalled performance in terms of acceleration, force and response time, and thus offers an unprecedented quality of haptic feedback.


TFM-ALMA series

TDK TFM-ALMA series of inductors base on thin-film metal magnetic material for power circuits.


MEGACAP series

TDK's CKG of multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is a product which metal frames are connected to terminations of MLCC, and it is also know as MEGACAP.


HVC series

The HVC series of high-voltage contactors are specially designed to meet the requirements of high-voltage DC switching applications. The optimized hermetically sealed design exhibits excellent reliability performance against harsh environments.

TDK Wireless Charging Series Spotlight

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Wireless charging series

TDK have realized Tx coil units that are compatible with WPC low power specification (5 W) through utilization of proprietary magnetic material and process technologies, and offer an extensive lineup of products.

TDK VLS Automotive Series Spotlight

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VLS automotive series

The TDK VLS series of power inductors are magnetic shield (resin) type wound inductors that have been developed taking full advantage of TDK's advanced material technology and manufacturing processes.


CeraLink® series

TDK's CeraLink® ceramic capacitor is a highly compact solution for the snubber and DC links of fast-switching converters based on SiC and GaN semiconductors.


TDK electronic components, modules and systems

TDK technology: superior solutions for a smart world.

Technical article

TDK: well equipped for 48VThe

Some attractive advantages are offered by 48V technology for vehicles and the central component for this is a powerful buck-boost converter. TDK offers key passive components for this purpose.

Automotive solution Ask An Expert Spotlight

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